Fairy Tales: Three Heroes

Cats who play



Everyone listened to fairy tales about brave epic heroes in his childhood. Everyone dreamt of joining battle with terrible ugly monsters. Everyone wished himself to be a magic hero… And now you can bring back the memory of your childhood as there are three real heroes ready to cleanse Slavic lands from Monsters once and for all !

  • Three characters with unique skills (switchable at any time)
  • Ramified RPG skill-tree for each character
  • Stylish cartoon graphics with bright effects
  • Big levels with many optional quests
  • Easy-to-learn gameplay
  • Ingame physics directly affecting the gameplay
  • A humorous Fighting Adventure based on Slavic eposes and characters

System Requirements :
  • WindowsXP SP1 or Windows Vista.
  • Pentium IV or AthlonXP or above.
  • DirectX 9.0c (compatible video card with 128Mb video RAM PS/VS 2.0).
  • RAM: XP 512 Mb/ Vista 1 Gb.
  • HDD with 3GB free.

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